About TeleMatrix

Cetis is the owner and manufacturer of the Telematrix brand, including the 9600. 3300, 3100 and SpectrumPlus Series telephones.

Designed and engineered in America and Europe, Telematrix brand telephones by Cetis continue to be the standard. Many 3, 4 and 5 star hotel chains install Telematrix handsets as a standard.

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3100 Corded Series

3100 1-Line Series
3102 2-Line Series


3300 Corded Series

3300 1-Line Series
3302 2-Line Series

3300IP 1-Line Series
3302IP 2-Line Series


3300 Trimline Corded Series

3300TRM 1-Line Series
3302TRM 2-Line Series

3300TRM-IP 1-Line Series
3302TRM-IP 2-Line Series


9600 DECT Series

9600 1-Line DECT Series
9602 2-Line DECT Series

9600IP 1-Line DECT Series
9602IP 2-Line DECT Series