About TrendTek Australia

TrendTek Background

TrendTek Australia Pty Ltd has rapidly grown since its beginning in 1997, providing Telecommunication solutions to customers in the Asia Pacific Region for over a decade. TrendTek’s founders are a group of well qualified engineers with many years of experience in the Telecommunications industry.

The technical and market experience of the TrendTek management team, with their wealth of knowledge and experience in defining market needs and in designing customer equipment to meet those needs, has greatly contributed to the company’s growth.

Keeping up with this growth, TrendTek's product line-up has increased to fill the needs of the rapidly expanding global requirements for the latest telecommunications products and services.

Founders of TrendTek are well known and respected by their appropriate counterparts in the various PTT operating authorities throughout the Pacific region. To these authorities, we are truly their Pacific Partner.

Customer Needs

Recognizing the needs of the PTT operating authorities for well-defined and designed equipment of the highest quality, TrendTek was established to capitalise on this opportunity. The first and most important requirement of any supply process is to define the customer's needs in the areas of product performance, reliability and technical aspects of products. Having filled these objectives, final process is to fulfil the customer's delivery requirements in terms of time and product quality.

Having initiated and participated in many similar projects over a long period of time, TrendTek is well positioned to address all of these functions, intrinsic to the supply chain. The emphasis within TrendTek is one of close and on-going customer and internal communication, ensuring that all of the aspects are considered as a total entity.

Our Mission

Being a designer and supplier of premium quality telecommunication equipment our mission is to provide world competitive products and services which fully satisfy customer requirements at affordable prices while meeting applicable codes, standards and regulations.

Quality through continuous improvement is our responsibility. Quality communications is our business; getting it right first time, on time, every time is our way of life.